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Services and Manufacturer's Representatives  

Air Box
Remotely switch the rail yard air on and off to the brakes of a cut of rail cars.

Floor Replacement
Send in your old cab floor or just a diagram and let us do the rest.

Top Deck Covers
Convert your old top deck covers and handholds to new.

Ramps and Walkways
Create a safe work environment with our custom built ramps and walkways.

Manufacturers Representatives
Throughout the years, Fugiel Railroad Supply has also developed relationships with many highly respected manufacturers throughout the railroad industry. This is where we believe your company’s product would be a great addition. The following is an overview of the companies that we currently represent:

Northland Oil Products
Northland Oil Products provides Complete Locomotive Oil Lube programs to keep your fleet in first-class condition. Complete oil diagnostic testing is provided to show you what is going on inside your engine and prevent costly problems before they occur.

Kold Ban International
We are very excited to offer KBI’s newest product that was designed exclusively for the Railroad Industry. The portable engine starting system is designed to provide quick, reliable starting for engines between 20 and 200 L displacement. The NVT Porta Pack system is a self contained unit that is engineered to deliver a precisely metered amount of engine starting fluid into the engine air intake system through an injection probe. Remotely operated by a single user, it can start as many as 45 engines on a single starting fluid cylinder.

Relay Systems, Inc.
Your relay and contactor problems have officially become non existent! Relay Systems, Inc. offers high quality bolt-in vapor replacement relays at a fraction of the cost of the original equipment manufacturer. If that's not exciting enough, they are also now offering a bolt-in solid state air conditioning fan contactor! Contact us today and let us tell you about all the exciting products that Relay Systems, Inc. has to offer.

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