Connected Controls

The Brake-Boss Digital Air Brake Testing Device

Keep your trains, employees, costs and safety concerns ON TRACK!

The Brake-Boss from Connected Controls Incorporated is the first and only, fully functional, digital air-brake testing device for trains of any length. Designed and engineered with your environment and the extreme demand placed on your equipment in mind; the Brake-Boss will exceed your yard’s airbrake testing expectations.

Designed to afford the user complete compliance with all airbrake testing requirements, the Brake-Boss™ offers:

  • Class 1 (Plus Canadian Version) air-brake testing with 100% accurate and verifiable results guaranteed
  • Test data provides peace of mind, accountability, system monitoring, and much more!
  • Fully integrated components
  • Durability and ease-of-use
  • Seamless communication from head of train to the end & right into the foreman’s office
  • Quick and easy testing that requires less manpower than traditional air-brake testing & quicker turn around on trains and tracks
  • Savings on time & money
  • Units designed to meet IP67 specifications







Since its creation, Ekyrail Enterprises Inc. has been replacing, upgrading and repairing rail equipment for several major railway companies.

Thanks to their innovative and robust products, Ekyrail Enterprises Inc. improves rail conditions.



We have developed invaluable expertise to assist you with your railway equipment :
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Technical advice
  • Fast and dependable service





We are very excited to offer KBI’s newest product that was designed exclusively for the Railroad Industry.

The portable engine starting system is designed to provide quick, reliable starting for engines between 20 and 200 L displacement.

The NVT Porta Pack system is a self contained unit that is engineered to deliver a precisely metered amount of engine starting fluid into the engine air intake system through an injection probe.

Remotely operated by a single user, it can start as many as 45 engines on a single starting fluid cylinder.

Additionally, a locomotive starting capacitor has been developed to aid in eliminating no starts and extending your locomotive battery life.








Your relay and contractor problems have officially become non existent! Relay Systems, Inc. offers high quality bolt-in vapor replacement relays at a fraction of the cost of the original equipment manufacturer.

And that is just the start, call us today to see how our upgraded locomotive reliability components will reduce your road failures and improve your bottom line!


GE Upgraded CDC Kit